A beat change, that’s that sh*t Young Chop don’t like!

NEW MUSIC: Chief Keef, Kanye West, Pusha T, Big Sean, & Jadakiss “I Don’t Like (Remix)”

The producer responsible for 16-year-old Chicago rapper Chief Keef’s trap smash “I Don’t Like” doesn’t like Kanye West’s “I Don’t Like (Remix)” and he’s pretty pissed.

Young Chop, who is only 18 years old, called up DJ Moon Dawg ranting about how he hates Kanye’s remix and even threatened to sue Yeezy for remixing his original beat.

“I’m mad as hell. I’m mad as f*ck cause they didn’t ask me to change up my beat. They don’t have no files to none of my shit so how the fuck did they add another melody over the instrumental? These motherf*ckers are playing me and I don’t give two fucks I will sue the shit out of Kanye West. And he need to call my f*cking phone before I snap!”

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Furious over how Kanye added extra melodies over his beat without telling him, Young Chop goes on saying:  

“They didn’t ask me none of that! I don’t fucking like that! That sh*t is disrespectful! I made a f*ckin sound so they need to stay with the sound. If I was him I wouldn’t even have changed the beat up. The beat is f*ckin hard by itself. Sh*t don’t sound the same, it don’t got the same feel.” 

We totally understand why Young Chop is pissed for being out of the loop, but it is the remix right?! 

We don’t know about Young Chop, but once we heard that Ye was doing the remix, we weren’t expecting the beat to be the same at all.

But Young Chop owns the rights to the beat so he has every right to be mad.

Do you agree with Young Chop for being mad with Kanye over the “I Don’t Like (Remix)” or is he overreacting?

Let us know in the poll below and take a listen to the audio of his interview with DJ Moon Dawg below!

SOURCE: DJ Moon Dawg

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