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Is he for real?

Treasure hunter Bill Warren says he knows exactly where Osama bin Laden’s body is buried.

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Warren and his treasure hunting crew of one American, one Canadian and one Britain, say the body is at the bottom of the Arabian Sea.

Warren told the Spanish Newspaper The Mundo that: 

“I’ve located where he was shot. I’m the only one with this information. It is two hundred miles west of the Indian city of Surat.”

Warren says he has identified the site from satellite imagery from a Pentagon source, which shows supposedly how the military threw the body into the sea at 11 am, local time on May 2, 2011.

Warren contends that the body is weighed down inside a body bag saying, “It’s in the bottom of the sea and the Army put weights on it.” 

Warren wants to find the bag, open it and make DNA testing to determine if it is Bin Laden, saying that he doesn’t trust the government or President Obama.

The idea came two days after Bin Laden was killed by an elite team of Navy Seals.

Warren is aiming at starting the mission on June 1, and says that he may be able to find the body in “under a week.” He also claims that the search would last a maximum of three months – if the US Government doesn’t kill him or sink his boat.

Warren now needs funding for his project and is asking for $200,000 to finance the whole operation. Good luck to Warren as he searches for Bin Laden’s body, we’re sure he’ll get a reality show out of this adventure.

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