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We finally get a glimpse of the steamy shoot that had Sophie Monk leaving Ray J‘s house early in the morning!

EXCLUSIVE: Sophie Monk Has Skeletons In Her Closet But Ray-J’s Not One Of Them

The “One Wish” singer and Sophie are featured in a new ad for Prince Reigns shave gel (that they reportedly got paid $1M each for) and Sophie can’t stop gushing about the product. The Australian bombshell gave GlobalGrind the exclusive about the product saying:

“There are so many things that cause us to be self-conscious in regards to our bodies. Now, finally there is one less thing for us to worry about! No joke, this stuff really does work. Honestly, I’m so sure you’ll love it, I would offer a money back guarantee, but hey, that’s not my department.”

A money back guarantee! Now that’s big! The promo picture does look so intense; it even had her mother thinking she was fooling around with Ray J.

“When my mother called me from Australia and asked me if I was leaving Whitney Houston’s ex-boyfriend’s house at 8:30 in the morning, I thought, ‘Wow, I finally made it in America!’ But, in all seriousness … yes, I told my mama that I had been over at Ray J’s house, but I was there for a modeling job for a new campaign for Prince Reigns.”

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That just means Sophie is excellent at her job! 

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