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Hope you’re ready for a beat down! 

NEW MUSIC: Iggy Azalea, T.I., & Chip “Hustle Gang”

Steve Aoki and Angger Dimas link up with Australian rapper Iggy Azalea for their new track “Beat Down.” 

“What you looking at/ do I got something in my eye/ do I got shit up on my face/ or did my hair catch on fire/ cause you really really staring/it must be something that you like, geeze/ ask for my number/ or you could fly a kite,” spits Iggy. 

VIDEO: Iggy Azalea & T.I. Perform “Murda Bizness” During Studio Session

The 808-riddled dance track is high energy and super catchy with a hook that rings, “It’s a party on your face and I’m about to dance on it.” 

Besides collaborating with Steve Aoki, Iggy Azalea’s readying her debut album The New Classic, which is set to hit store shelves June 2012. 

If you’re ready to be knocked out, take a listen to “Beat Down” below! 

SOURCE: Complex