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Do you recognize these cuties?

The one and only JoJo Simmons, also known by his rap alias, Young Simmons, posted this adorable picture to his Instagram account earlier today.

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Sitting between his big sis, Angela Simmons and his younger brother, Diggy Simmons (circa 1997ish) JoJo just gave us the back Throwback Thursday ever!

From the looks of this photo, the Simmons clan has always been a tight-knit fam, and Angela was a fashionista even before she hit her teen years.

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JoJo wrote:

“#Tbt Me Angela and Diggy”

Seeing how cute JoJo was, Angela decided to join in on #ThrowbackThursday and she tweeted out a picture of her own. It looks like she’s taking it all the way back to her elementary school days. So cute! 

…And now, all grown up!

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