Chloe Moretz is no stranger to controversy, but lord knows what will happen when she gets behind the wheel for the first time! After all, the 15-year-old is about to get her driver’s license. 

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“In August I get my permit, so I’ll be kind of driving,” she told Vanity Fair. She considers learning to drive a necessity. “I have to. I want to live in L.A.—I don’t really have a choice.”

To think, she doesn’t know how to drive, when she flung curses and fists in Kick-Ass, sucked blood in the movie Let Me In and is getting ready to play an underage runaway who flirts with very older men in her next film Hick

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But while her roles might be extremely edgy and mature, Chloe is still a kid at heart. She recently got super excited when she received a surprise gift (an iPad!) from her mother. 

“My mom wanted to surprise me,” she explained. “It’s, like, a present, for, you know, congratulations.” What does she do with the device? “It’s really mainly for school; I use it for school a lot.”

We’re glad to know she’s got her head on straight. No wonder Chloe was picked to play the lead role in the remake of Stephan King’s Carrie. No one will be laughing at her then! 

SOURCE: Vanity Fair

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