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Just because Brooklyn Decker is incredibly gorgeous and a one-time Sports Illustrated model doesn’t mean that things come easy to her, especially not things like her lead role in the movie Battleship.

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The blonde beauty was up bright and early this morning to hit the rainy streets of New York City for her appearance on the Today show.

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The actress may have been dressed in all blue, but during her interview she revealed that it took a little green for her to get her role in Battleship.

During the interview she revealed the following: 

“They kept bringing me in [for auditions] and telling me I wasn’t tough enough, and I’m just thinking, this is torture. My director said, ‘You have to make snot bubbles if you want this part.'”

And snot bubbles she did! 

Check out Brooklyn rocking her rainy day blues in the gallery above, but be sure to check out her snot story in the video below.