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There’s not many female-based R&B groups left in the game. The TLC’s, Destiny’s Child’s and Danity Kane’s of the world either flamed-out or broke up.

There is light, however.

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And that light comes in the form of EDAMAMI, a new all-female trio coming out of Las Vegas.

The group consists of Joy, from Houston, Jazmine, from Brooklyn, and Ashley, from Detroit.

The three were matched-up and merged together by Grammy Award winning songwriter and producer and founder of Future Music Inc., Poo Bear.

Last week, the group released their debut mixtape, Last Queens Vol. 1.

The tape is definitely worth a listen. EDAMAMI effortlessly puts their own spin on some of urban music’s biggest hits, including Drake and The Weeknd’s “Crew Love,” (which they flipped excellently) and Kirko Bangz’ “Drank In My Cup.” 

The tape’s official first single is the flossy “Spend Money,” which they just released a nifty looking video for.

With all of these new moves happening, GlobalGrind had to chopped it up with the group to talk about that the current tape, their diverse backgrounds and what the future holds for the group.

Read up, down below.  

Global Grind: How did you hook up with Pooh Bear?

Ashley: I met Pooh Bear about seven or eight years ago in the studio, and we lost touch for a while, but as soon as I moved to Vegas another person in the industry called me and said: ‘I know somebody who’s looking to put together a group. And it’s funny, because when me and Pooh Bear did get back in touch, we already known each other. It was cool; it was a good recipe.

Are all three of you new to Vegas?

Jazmine: Initially I was. We go there often so I’m kind of used to it now. It’s like my second home.

Do all three of you live out there or no?

(All together) No, not right now.

So where are all three of you from?

Joy: I’m from Texas. I’m in Houston. 

Jasmine: I’m originally from New York. But right now I’m living in Florida. I was born in Brooklyn, but I was raised in long island.

Ashley: I’m from Detroit, and I’m living in Vegas now.

With all of you being from different places are there any culture clashes?

I wouldn’t call it a culture clash. I think our styles really, really compliment each other. Its kind of R&B, Southern, Jamaican. It’s brought together incredibly well.

So you kind of merge all of those different elements into your music?

We do. Everybody style and everybody’s personality is really merged together really well. 

What is everyone’s favorite song on the tape?

Jasmine: I would have to say “Magic.” I think it’s just fun. It’s like the swagger is really smooth. It’s basically about going out and doing what you have to do to get what you have to get done. If that makes sense. I just like the flow and the vibe. Originally it was done by Future, and it just had a smooth, cool flow to it that was really fun.

Ashley: I love “Spend Money,” I do. “Spend Money” is just fun and upbeat. It’s really cool to me. A lot of ladies and men can relate to it.

Joy: OK, Ashley took the words out of my mouth with “Spend Money.” That is my top favorite, but my second favorite from the mixtape is “B*tch I’m the Sh*t,” because we’re talking so much. You know just telling them so much, with so much confidence, letting them know, ‘hey get off of us!’ You know?

Joy sounds like the cocky one in the group.

Nah, not at all. I just have a lot of energy. I mean I’m definitely the energetic one. I’m hyped all the time.  In rehearsals I’m like ‘come on, guys. Let’s do this!’

The “Spend Money” video is pretty cool. When did you shoot that?

Ashley: We shot that at the end of February.

So how was that experience? That was your first video as a group together, no?

Yeah, it was and it was great. We had a great team behind us. We worked with great people, so it was cool.

Magically play out 2012. What happens? 

Ashley: I want our single “Spend Money” to be like the summer time anthem across the country. I want it to spread and blow up. We are in the process of working on a second mixtape, which is going to be more original music. Our first mixtape we just covered some of our favorite songs. But we’re going to bridge the gap this time with more original music. And, hopefully, 2012, we can go on the road and be on tour and be performing for people.

Joy: “Spend Money” has been captured as the female anthem, and I love it. That female empowerment is so wonderful.

What were some of the songs you covered on the tape?

We covered two songs by Future, “Gone to the Moon” and Magic.” We covered Kirko Bangz “Drink in My Cup.” Our version is called “Baby, What’s Up.” We covered Jeezy, Andre 3000 and Jay-Z “I Do.” We covered Tyga’s “B*tch I’m The Sh*t.” We did a French Montana cover for “Shot Caller.” We flipped that one a lot. I think the East coast is going to love that one. It’s called “Problems.”

How were the songs chosen?

We like the songs. And it was able to capture our personality. It’s such a male-dominated industry nowadays that we just wanted to take the guy songs and give it a female perspective.

 Follow the girls on Twitter: EDAMAMI: @MyEdamami  

Ashley: @ajoi

Joy: @Jwilla21

Jazmine: @IamJazJones