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Singer, actor and model Rotimi is the biggest thing to look out for this year!

With the success of his acting career starring in Starz hit series Boss, as well as his budding music and modeling career, there’s nothing this man can’t do!

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Rotimi has continued to prove his natural talent at everything he’s tried, scoring his gig with Boss during his very first acting audition. He’s also the face of T.I’s urban wear clothing line AKOO and has his own record label FrontROseat.

GlobalGrind got a chance to sit and talk with the rising star about people he looks up to, dream collaborations and what’s coming next.

Check it all out in our exclusive below… 

GlobalGrind: You’re the face for AKOO, but you sing as well as act, how did the modeling gig come about?

Rotimi: I always had an interest in it. After meeting with T.I and seeing his vision for AKOO, it made a lot of sense for me to be a part of such a prestigious brand. The fact that it’s starting out and even the meaning by the name, ‘A King Of Oneself,’ it inspired me to be a part of that, especially at this point in my career. Having him as a role model, it makes perfect sense. We’re on the same show; he’s a musician and also an actor, so he’s one of the people that I love to look up to.

Being on the same show as Sanaa Lathan and T.I., how have they inspired you? What have you gained or learned from them?

This season, luckily, the majority of my scenes are with T.I., so I’m able to pick up and just ask him little things about the business that I wouldn’t know. Having him take me under his wing, it’s a blessing. Learning from Sanaa too, we have a lot of cast dinners, so we don’t have a lot of scenes together. But having her there and learning from her as well is a huge blessing.

Have you ever modeled before AKOO?

I did a little thing in college, but nothing where I had an endorsement.

Do you plan on continuing with this craft?

For sure! Being an actor and a singer, you have to endorse. Being a part of a clothing line is very important, you have to choose the right one. And have that lifestyle behind the brand, not just be the face. I’m definitely looking forward to doing more endorsements.

You have your record label FrontROseat, are you still looking for a major distribution label to be signed with? How is everything with your music career?

Everything musically is going well. I’m in talks with a couple labels right now. If it was really about signing to someone I would’ve been signed about six months ago, but for me it’s having a relationship and having creative control over my music. After Season 2 and after a couple of these movie premiere, I think I’ll have a little more leverage to make decisions and have a little bit more creativity. It’s flattering to know you’re wanted around the industry, but this is bigger decision I would have to make. I’m really just taking my time with it. I should know where I’m going by the end of this year for sure.

Who is someone you look up to as a singer, or someone who inspires you?

My big brother in the game is Jamie Foxx. Having him basically scoop me up right after Season One came out is just an awesome, awesome blessing because he’s the epitome of actor/singer. He is the original renaissance man. So whenever I’m in L.A. or whenever I have a minute to call him and talk, it’s an honor.

Having him say, ‘I want you to be better than me. I want you to carry on the legacy. I want you to represent black Hollywood,’ if that doesn’t inspire someone, then I don’t know what would.

What kind of relationship do you guys have?

It’s a big brother, little brother. He tells me to call him Uncle J (laughs), so I call him Uncle J, he’s a mentor.

What can we expect to see from you musically for the rest of the year?

Musically you’ll see a lot of growth. I’ve been able to work with a lot of different producers from the top tier to the new young hot ones. On my project you’ll hear Eric Custon, you’ll hear Bryan-Michael Cox, you’ll hear The Intern. Just a variety of different sounds and trying to find myself as an artist. But I’m pretty close to getting to that point so it’s just journey man, that’s all.

Do you have any dream collaboration?

My dream collaboration writers, I’d probably say The-Dream or R.Kelly. Rappers right now, I like Drake. If I wanted to switch it up, I’d definitely say 2 Chainz.

What can we expect to see from you in this coming season of Boss, premiering in August?

Yes, Boss premieres August 17th. You’ll get to see a lot more from my character. He shows a lot more vulnerability. D. Anthony has written an incredible show where it’s basically a Romeo & Juliet story between me and my love interest. It’s really causing me to grow as an actor and learn on the spot because Boss was my first audition.

Who is a man or woman you would like to collaborate or co-star in a movie with?

Denzel Washington.

You took it all the way to the top!

You have to, you have to think that way. I love Denzel’s work. I’d say working with Kelsey Grammar I definitely would love to be in a movie with him to just see how he works. Yeah, Kelsey and Uncle J, Jamie Foxx, that would be hot.

Do you have any celebrity crushes? 

Next question (laughs). I’m a fan of Zoe Saldana; I like Zoe Saldana’s work. I think she’s really dope. I’d say Christina Milian.

What’s your dream acting role?

I don’t have one, but anything that challenges me. Anything that forces me out of myself, out of my character. Something that is completely different so that when people watch they say, ‘Oh wow, I wouldn’t expect him to do something like that.’ I think that’s what I am trying to strive for.

Anything else you want to get out for your fans to know?

All the fans can follow me @Rotimi and my EP should be coming out sometime this summer. And look out for Boss August 17th.

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