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After years of controversy over models who appear on magazine pages, Vogue has finally adopted a new model policy rule that is leaving a lot of veterans in the business very pleased with their decisions – including Tyra Banks.

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The supermodel took to CNN to express her joy with the fashion industry’s decision to not use models under the age of 16, and also models of any age who appear to have eating disorders.

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“I think it’s amazing that they’re (editors) doing it because they do not have to,” Tyra tells CNN.

“There is nothing legal saying that Vogue had to make this decision. This is something that they are doing on their own. When I heard about it. … I’m like, ‘Oh my god this is a moment to celebrate.’ …

I live for this, for expanding the definition of beauty, for not having a stereotype and such a one physicality that we all have to live up to, so I applaud Vogue.

And this is not just American Vogue, this is in 19 countries, this is every single Vogue on the entire globe so that’s pretty amazing.”

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Yes beauty is health; we couldn’t agree more!

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