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Kim Kardashian threw some much neededTwitter shade (pun intended) at the tanning mom yesterday!

Before the reality T.V. star headed out to the game with her boo Kanye, she tweeted out the above photo looking very, very, very tan. 

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Kim captioned the photo “The tannerexic mom has some serious competition!!! LOL”

The tannerexic mom that Kim is referring to is New Jersey mom Patricia Krentcil, the leather skinned mother who made headlines for allegedly bringing her 5-year-old daughter in to a tanning booth with her.

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Kim’s fans were up in arms when she tweeted the prank photo, but she quickly retaliated with a tweet letting her fans know that the tan was just a gag for a photoshoot.

Kim washed off the tan and slipped on a little black dress to watch the Lakers game with Kanye, but not before pondering the existence of the word “tanorexic.”

Tanning mom is no stranger to celeb beef, she recently bashed Snooki after the guidette commented on her “unnatural glow.” If that isn’t a case of the pot calling the kettle bronzed, then we don’t know what is!

What do you think of Kim’s bronze look?


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