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The plot thickens!

So it seems that Marc Jacobs and Kidult actually are NOT working together.

After Marc Jacobs’ NYC Mercer Street store was hit by Kidult with the word ART brazenly sprayed across the storefront, Marc Jacobs released a t-shirt depicting the aftermath of the art crime. It seemed like the two may have pulled off a carefully orchestrated plan together, however based on recent tweets, that may not be the case.

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In the last article we published about the Marc Jacobs and Kidult saga, we pointed out that the price of the t-shit was unusually high. $680 for a screen printed pink t-shirt seemed a bit outlandish, it almost felt like the price was to recoup the price of the clean up, which actually doesn’t make much sense if the two worked together.

Marc may be taking a stab at Kidult, and giving him the ultimate “F*ck You” by making money off the graffiti artist’s mayhem. 

There is often an anti-capitalism theme behind Kidult’s work, and he has been known to sell pictures of his work on t-shirts, however this time Marc beat him to it with a 1700 percent mark up from Kidult’s usual $40 pricepoint. Also, if Kidult recreates the shirt, he can be sued for counterfeiting an item from Marc Jacobs. Very tricky Marc!

In response to Marc’s sale of the tee and its outrageous pricepoint, Kidult tweeted directly at the designer by saying:

@MarcJacobsIntl … ??? LET’S PLAY, but we don’t play the same rules!

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He then went on to post a picture of a mannequin wearing the shirt from inside of the Mercer Street Marc Jacobs store with a caption that read: “Bourgeois Thug…”

We don’t know what Kidult has up his sleeves, but we are kind of inclined to buy the shirt now just for the story and a piece of history!

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