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Sophie Monk is getting down and dirty for a new ad campaign and GlobalGrind has the exclusive first look!

The triple threat singer, actress and model is seen in the ad getting incredibly sexy with another female model.

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The lingerie-clad women seem to be on the brink of indulging in an intimate moment, or close to beating the pulp out of one another. Either way it is still incredibly sexy. 

The last we saw of Sophie was last month, when she pulled in a cool $1 million to team up with former Money Team member Ray J to be the face of an ad for shaving serum, Prince Reigns. 

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The result of that shoot was an endless rumor mill connecting the two romantically, an accusation that she denied in an exclusive interview with GlobalGrind.

Sophie is no stranger to inking big deals, she was also offered a million dollar deal to pose for Playboy, but denied it in the interest of keeping her hands clean for future Hollywood acting gigs. 

Check out the very, very sexy teaser photo of Sophie above. We know that when she does it, she does it big, so we can’t wait to see what the result of this shoot is going to be!

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