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Welcome to another installment of Tuesday’s At The Cool Table with me, Cool Table Jay!

This week, like every week, I have a bunch of cool things that I came across that I would just love to share with you. Even though I may not necessarily wear everything I post, I think they are all cool!

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My favorite piece this week is actually a print that KAWS did to benefit the High Museum of Art in Atlanta. It costs $1,400, but I’m such a big KAWS fan that I would honestly buy one – the main reason being that I love just about everything that KAWS does and also because the value is sure to appreciate. The colors are a bit dark for what I’m used to from KAWS, but I’d still treat it like I would if I got a good price on a Picasso!

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Check out the KAWS print and all of the other things that I picked out for you in the gallery above. And don’t be shy about letting me know what you think about everything in the comments section below. Thanks for sitting at the Cool Table this week, you are welcome any time!

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