I’m in love and I am just realizing that I haven’t ever felt this way before and I have to admit that I’ve had a few boyfriends in my life. So I feel like sharing this with you and hope to get some good feedback’s and a better understanding of this very strange thing called love…

Let’s first analyze the three stages of falling and finally being in love:

It’s so much fun to meet someone and just ”click”, have a laugh, eye contact, a smile here and there and even if you leave without a phone number – it’s a kick and makes you happy for a moment. Then you connect on Facebook and realize that your crush is ”In a Relationsship” and that it really wasn’t more then a crush, a amusing moment and attraction of two people in one room. Never mind…

I believe that falling in love happens in the weirdest moments and you will never be able to explain when exactly it happened or let’s just say that you will never have a good reason for it because it always happens randomly. Speaking about my case i have to say that we haven’t thought about falling for each other the whole three years we’ve known and hung out with each other. The first time when i thought ”hmmm interesting” was when I’ve interviewed my ”friend” for my TV Show. In the interview I’ve asked him if the rumours about him moving from Munich to Zurich are true, he answered ”Yes indeed (he looked into the camera) Racha and i are looking for a beautiful place together”. For a moment i didn’t know what to do so i did what women always tend to do if they don’t know what to do: I’ve ignored it… Exactly two month later i figured that he’s the one and yes we are looking for a beautiful place together.

Step Nr. 3: LOVING
When can you say ”i love you”? Is there a specific timing for these words or can i just say it when i think i feel it? I have no problem saying it now and we’ve only been together for a month. My opinion about love is that it should be there beginning on like the love was there when you first discovered chocolate cake with strawberry cream when you were a kid. Youz can ”love” things from the first moment on indeed but love grows… So you can go from baby love to a mature big love. But love is love and there’s no reason to weight it because it feels good no matter how ”grown” it is.

Unconditional love is when you know that you really don’t want to live your life without your partner and think ”Us” and not ”Me and my Boyfriend” if you know what i mean. When you know that you want to be with this person in god and bad times what would mean that you don’t mind your partner gaining weight, loosing money, loosing the job, loosing health, accepting habits and so on. No matter what happens to anyone in the relationship – the good news are: you aren’t alone and for some reason it’s called being ”together”, that would make two people and if one can’t handle something anymore, the other is supposed to take over because ”someone’s gotta do it”.

To get back on my actual topic, what i feel now hasn’t been there like that, the way it is, it’s form and feeling ever before. I’ve been in love and I’ve been talking about babies and marriage before of course (all women do) but i never really meant it the way i mean it today. I don’t want to upset any of my ex boyfriends really but to be honest, none of you ever had the balls to really go for it. I didn’t too but i don’t have balls and therefore i also don’t have to have them. I don’t even think it’s the only the ”feeling” that makes this whole thing realer then ever before, it’s the commitment… Like ”yes i am with this person and no matter what happens, it’s the two of us and we can manage it all – good and bad. You aren’t scared of anything because you know nothing can break it.

Is it that i found my ”first

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