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Before Kim Kardashian was raking in multiple millions at the top of reality television ranks, she had some not-so-humble beginnings flipping big name designer brands on the internet. 

Kimmy is finally coming back to her roots. 

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Kanye’s beau decided to do a little spring cleaning and put a few of her very high-end designer items on eBay’s Fashion Vault. 

Kim has listed over 80 pieces, which we are sure barely make a dent in her opulent wardrobe selections. Kourtney is also in on the sale of some of her items, but has only committed to posting seven items for sale, paling in comparison to Kim’s collection. 

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While most of Kim’s Kollection seems to be comprised of high-end accessories and Christian Louboutin shoes, we can’t help but question Kim’s motive for letting go of these items. But given her recent media spotlight, it would be fun to speculate a few reasons: 

1. Kanye has banned Kim from wearing anything that clashes with his bombastic fashions. Seriously, since they have started dating, Kim has only been seen wearing two colors: black and white. Kanye may have requested that his ‘ol girl rid herself of excess and color by purging her closet. 

2. Kim is letting go of her single party-girl clothes of the yester-years. When you’re jumping from marriage to relationship, it is fairly hard to put use to those “single again” party girl clothes to use. 

3. She may be moving in with Kanye. OK, that is an admitted stretch, but imagine their joint wardrobes housed in one space. That would be insane!

We’re sure Kylie and Kendall are cringing watching all the clothes their fashionable sissy should be passing down to them hit the web, but they can find comfort in knowing that the sales are for a good cause.

All jokes aside, Kim is donating a portion of the proceeds from the sales of the clothing to the Life Change Community Church.

Check out some of the pieces from Kim’s eBay pages in the gallery above. 

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