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Rock The Bells has built a reputation for being the place where legendary groups kiss-and-make up for the love of the music. 

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A Tribe Called Quest, Wu-Tang Clan and Rage Against the Machine all have had famous reconciliations on stage. 

This year is no different. 

The 2012 Rock the Bells lineup was announced yesterday, and closing the show on the tour is Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, who will be reuniting since they disbanded, again, last year. All five members — Layzie Bone, Bizzy Bone, Flesh-n-Bone, Krayzie Bone and Wish Bone — will be on stage performing their 1995 classic E. 1999 Eternal

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That album, plus the 1997 follow-up, The Art of War, put Bone Thugs on top of the rap world. Then 2000 hit and things fell apart. Their 2000 album, Resurrection, was moderately successfully, but for the most part Bone Thugs was pretty irrelevant.

So for those who will be going to Rock the Bells this year, here’s a quick rundown of what each member has been up to. 

Krayzie Bone:

Krayzie Bone, who’s often looked at as the leader, has been one of the more successful solo members. Noticeably, he was on Chamillionaire’s super smash hit single, “Ridin Dirty.” He has constantly released solo projects. Last year, he made some waves when he announced he was leaving the group that made him, saying “Time to move on. I’m taking my talents to South Beach.”

Layzie Bone:

Layzie Bone certainly hasn’t been lazy. He’s been the most prolific member of the group. On his independent grind, he’s released multiple projects in 2011 alone, as well as been heavily involved with all of Bone Thugs’ albums. 

Bizzy Bone:

Bizzy Bone has had the most troubling decade. The rapper has suffered from addictions to drugs and alcohol, even appearing on Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew. In 2005, Bizzy famously went on a incoherent, crazy rant where he spoke in tongue. He has gotten back to some normality over the last couple of years. He was on Bone Thugs’ last album and he dropped his own little known solo projects like Back with the Thugz and Crossroads: 2010


Flesh was M.I.A. for most of the 2000s due to a prison bid for an incident where he aimed a loaded AK-47 at an ex-friend. In 2008, he came home. He didn’t get back with the group officially until 2010, where he appeared on their eighth album, Uni5: The World’s Enemy

Wish Bone:

Wish Bone has always sort of been the lost dude in Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. He has kept the lowest profile over the years, and he is often ridiculed for being the weakest member. Wish is reuniting with his crew after he left the group along with Krayzie last year. Wish is the only member to never have had a solo album.