When your girlfriend puts her ass in your face, the only logical next step is marriage. 

PHOTOS: Chris Brown Gets Cake-Faced For Karrueche’s Birthday

Today is Karrueche‘s 24th birthday and her boyfriend Chris Brown gave her a pretty dope ass diamond ring. Many people are saying it’s a promise ring and that one day the couple is going to get married, but I say, why wait?!

The duo has quickly become one of the most adorable and popular couples in the industry. So why not take the next step? They’ve overcome two of their biggest obstacles, so it’s only natural they’d tie the knot. 

Think about it, they’ve survived the pink elephant in the room that is Rihanna. No one wants to say it, but for a long time, Rihanna haunted Karrueche. She unfairly lived in the shadow of Chris’s ex-girlfriend and that alone could have put a tremendous strain on any relationship, but they survived. 

PHOTOS: Chris Brown Puts A Ring On Karrueche

That tells me two things: Karrueche is a strong woman, and she doesn’t let meaningless things get to her. Two qualities that all wives should possess!

Another major hurdle Karrueche was able to overcome is the fact that 100 percent of Chrihanna fans hated her guts. Chris named his album Fans Are My Everything and if “everything” hates you, the chances of a relationship lasting are slimmer than that chick in Calvin Klein pants, or should I say, Armani Jeans.

For almost two years, Karrueche was Chris Brown’s new girlfriend, the girl he started dating after Rihanna, but now she is her own person, and in some ways, a new and improved girlfriend. 

She’s there for her man and knows how to live in his light. Bottom line: she gained his love the hard way. Marriage could give Chris Brown the mainstream acceptance he’s been craving since the incident. Sure, he’s won a Grammy and been one of the best performers at every awards show and concert series out, but he’s not doing interviews.

Marriage would finally give people something else to talk about. 

I say all of that to say this: Karrueche has earned her ring and damn it, she deserves it. 

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