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Special prosecutor Angela Corey released all the discovery evidence against George Zimmerman this afternoon, including details of Zimmerman’s encounter with Trayvon Martin on Feb. 26th in Sanford, Florida.  

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Highlights of the evidence include the following:

1. A photo of Zimmerman taken right after the shooting, which shows his nose broken and blood trickling down his face.

2. When Sanford police arrived on the scene, Trayvon had no pulse and was not breathing. They tried CPR, but when they breathed into him, it produced “bubbling sounds.” One officer asked a bystander for something with which to seal off the wound and was handed a plastic grocery bag, which he then pressed against the wound.

3. Trayvon’s autopsy report is included in the released documents. In it, there is a diagram that shows the gunshot wound was approximately 3/8 inches across, and the “stippling,” powder burns that come as a result of a gunshot, was approximately 2 inches in diameter.

4. The bullet went through his heart, according to the report. The Volusia County medical examiner’s office pulled from Trayvon’s body one lead bullet core and two fragments, according to a Florida Department of Law Enforcement lab report. Sanford Police investigator Christopher Serino said statements made on scene to officer T. Smith “were corroborated by several witnesses and led to the possibility of this shooting having been in self-defense.”

5. In a recording from a March interview with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE), Sanford Fire Rescue’s Mike Brandy said when he arrived at the scene of the shooting, he “saw Trayvon laying on the ground police were there, they were already doing CPR.” According to Brandy “We put him on the heart monitor and the heart monitor showed no activity…He was basically flatlined.”

6. Sanford police Officer Michael Wagner said on the night of the shooting he pulled out his personal iPhone and took a photo of Zimmerman’s bloody nose. It appeared to him, Mead wrote in his report, that Zimmerman’s nose was broken. “I also saw that the back of Zimmerman’s head was also bloodied,” Wagner wrote. Wagner downloaded the photo to his computer but never forwarded it to anyone else, he wrote, not until March 18, when he got word that the agency could find no photos of Zimmerman taken at the scene.

7. According to a witness the report states that: One resident told the investigator that he heard a commotion and when he investigated, “he witnessed a black male, wearing a dark colored “hoodie” on top of a white or Hispanic male who was yelling for help. He elaborated by stating that black male was mounted on the white or Hispanic male and throwing punches “MMA (mixed martial arts) style.” He stated he yelled out to the two individuals that he was going to call the police. He then heard a “pop.” He stated that after hearing the “pop,” he observed the person he had previously observed on top of the other person (the black male wearing the hoodie) laid out on the grass.

9. According to documents, FDLE crime lab analyst Anthony Gorgone found more than a dozen spots of blood on Zimmerman’s shirt. That blood was Zimmerman’s, he concluded. Sanford Police investigator Christopher Serino said statements made on scene to officer T. Smith “were corroborated by several witnesses and led to the possibility of this shooting having been in self-defense.”

10. The report also stated that Trayvon had $40.15, Skittles candy, a red lighter, headphones and a photo pin in his pocket.

11. The girl who last talked with Trayvon, who was later identified by the Martin family attorney as Trayvon’s girlfriend, told Assistant State Attorney Bernie de la Rionda that she and Trayvon talked on the phone daily and had known each other since Kindergarten. The girl told the prosecutor that she and Trayvon talked on and off as he went to the store to buy a snack. She said Trayvon told her he took shelter from the rain under an overhang while walking back to his father’s girlfriend’s home. Minutes later, she said, Trayvon told her a white man in a vehicle was watching him. Trayvon started walking, and the call cut off, she said. When she called back, “he said he’s walking, and he said this man is still following him.” The girl said Trayvon started running, “and then, he said he lost him Zimmerman,” she said, adding that the teen’s “voice kind of changed…I could tell he was scared.” The girl said she told Trayvon to keep running, but “he said he ain’t gonna run. He said he’s right by his father’s house.” “And in a couple minutes, he said a man’s following him again, he’s behind him,” she said. “I say, ‘run.'” She said Trayvon was breathing hard. She said Trayvon asked “Why are you following me for?” and a man’s voice said, “What are you doing around here?” Then, she heard a noise and the call cut off.

12. One of the witnesses interviewed by Assistant State Attorney Bernie de la Rionda was a former coworker of Zimmerman’s, who said that he had issues with Zimmerman “on multiple occasions.” He described Zimmerman as a bully. The ex-coworker, who described himself as Middle Eastern, said Zimmerman and others made fun of his ethnicity, and jeered at him with references to the “Achmed the Dead Terrorist” puppet character created by ventriloquist/comedian Jeff Dunham. “It was like middle school, high school humor, but it was going on for days and days,” he said. The co-worker said he complained to human resources. It’s unclear where they were working at the time, as some information was redacted from the recording.

SOURCE: OrlandoSentinel

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