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Across The Pond last night, the Roc Nation clan celebrated another Watch The Throne smash concert performance and the birthday of Jay-Z‘s right hand man, Tyran “Ty-Ty” Smith.

It’s safe to say the princesses of Roc Nation, Rita Ora and Rihanna had one of the wildest nights of their lives and definitely put to rest any rumors that they were rivals.

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The gal pals shared pics from their evening together, one showing them sharing a smooch. It was all fun and games last night but they are definitely paying for it this morning.

Rita may have had one too many drinks, tweeting she was still drunk this morning! 

Like her Roc Nation sister, Rihanna was also supposed to be on a flight but she missed it and had to push back a day of work with her choreographer.

She tweets:

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But she reassures us her boss man gave her the approval to take a day off to recoup from all that alcohol.

Some have been worried Ri Ri has been partying too hard, since being hospitalized shortly before her appearance at the Met Gala, but she assures us she’s putting a halt on the wild nights for a bit.

The girls clearly had a night to remember but now it’s time to get back to work.

Check out their photos in the accompanying gallery.