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George Zimmerman’s neighbor, and one of the key eye-witnesses to the death of Trayvon Martin initially told police that he saw Trayvon Straddling Zimmerman, pinning him to the floor, is now singing a different tune.

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Once prosecutors took control of the case, the John Doe identified only as “Witness 6” changed his claim from what he initially told the police. 

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The John Doe originally said that he was sure that Zimmerman was the person screaming for help as he struggled with unarmed Trayvon, but a few weeks later, on March 20, while sitting for a follow-up interview by a Florida Department of Law Enforcement investigator the witness said he was no longer sure who was calling for help.

“At first, I thought it was the person on the ground, just because, you know, me thinking rationally, if someone was on top, the person on the bottom would be yelling,” he said.

Now, though, he said, “I truly can’t tell who, after thinking about it, was yelling for help just because it was so dark out on that sidewalk. You can’t see a mouth …”

The witness changed his account about who he heard yelling for help, but did not alter the story that stated Trayvon had Zimmerman pinned under him on the ground. 

“The black guy was on top,” he told FDLE Investigator John Batchelor. “The guy that was on the ground, under him at that point, wrestling, was definitely a lighter color.”

It was dark outside, he said, and at first, he thought he was witnessing a dogfight. When he stepped to the door, he realized it was two people on the ground wrestling.

The person on top was either hitting or pinning the other to the ground, he said. The person on the bottom was struggling to get up.

He yelled at them to stop, he said, “Hey, cut it out,” and thought they would, but they didn’t, so he stepped inside and headed upstairs to call 911.

He heard a loud pop, “like a rock hitting a window,” he said.

When he looked again, the person who had been on top, he said, was “in the grass not moving while the other gentleman has his hands in the air … The one guy that was on the bottom said, ‘I shot the other guy in self-defense. The gun is on the ground.’ “

The information describing the events of that night are slowly being released to the public answering many questions, except for the one that is begging to be told, why did this man shoot an unarmed teen?

SOURCE: Orlando Sentinel