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Welcome back to another installment of Tuesdays at the Cool Table with me, Cool Table Jay. Hopefully you have been having a great day so far and I can round it all off by showing you some of the cool things I came across this week. I love to have you sit here with me at the Cool Table, so check it all out in the gallery above!

LIST: Tuesdays At The Cool Table With Cool Table Jay (Buyers Guide 23)

My favorite item this week is from a new brand that I actually just heard about called Cease + Desist. It’s a pixilated Jesus piece necklace called “Digi-Jesus” and unlike anything I’ve ever seen. It comes in both gold and silver, but the company also offers cool hats and pins as well that are inspired by brands like Hermes, Chanel and YSL.

Speaking of brand-inspired hats, the Balmain-inspired NY snapback hat by my homies from the 40oz NY crew is probably the only snapback you will ever catch me wearing. With celebrities like Theophilous London and Victor Cruz already sporting the hat, it’s no wonder that it sold out instantly when it was released on the company website.

LIST: Tuesdays At The Cool Table With Cool Table Jay (Buyers Guide 22)

Enjoy taking a good look at these and everything else that I came across this week in the gallery above. I’ll see you right here next week. Peace!


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