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Yuna knows how to “Sparkle!”

Malaysian Singer Yuna Explains How She & Pharrell Williams Make The Perfect Music!

The Malaysian singer has partnered up with Samsung for the “Sparkle Project,” a creative endeavor to produce Malaysia’s first music video made from the Samsung GALAXY Note.

The video kicks off with a close up of the GALAXY Note and a text message, quickly moving to Yuna glancing at the phone.

Yuna drifts about to different locations before the video culminates with a response to that text previously mentioned, and a close up of the GALAXY Note once more.

That’s what we call product placement!

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Prior to the “Sparkle” music video, Samsung customers and Yuna fans were able to submit ideas and suggestions for the visuals to the single via The Sparkle Project’s website at

Check out “Sparkle” above, and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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