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MC Lyte was one of the first femcees to rock the party, but her roles have changed quite a bit since she innovated the hip-hop scene for female emcees. 

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Since being the first woman to release a solo rap album back in ’88, MC Lyte’s career has embarked on multiple ventures, all while still keeping her head in the hip-hop game. 

Today, Lyte (who’s government name is Lana Michele Moorer) isn’t an active rapper, but she is playing her role as the queen of hip-hop at the top of the throne, serving as the president of the L.A. chapter of The Recording Academy for the Grammys.

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In addition to her role for the Academy, Lyte commits to running a not-for-profit website that concentrates on the artistry of hip-hop for females and a slew of other things. 

The legend graced the GlobalGrind offices with her presence to speak about her new ventures and revealed how she really feels about the Black Eyed Peas being placed in hip-hop categories during award shows. 

Check out what MC Lyte had to say in the exclusive interview above!

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