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The Cannes Film Festival is celebrating its 65th anniversary this year. 

Of course, celebs from the film and music set alike are out and about for the two-week celebration to appease our stargazing appetites. And like any other party, everyone is always dressed to the nines.

The gorgeous collection of women are always photographed wearing the most amazing gowns from every couture house you can imagine and the paparazzi fall all over themselves trying to get the perfect shot. However, the men rarely get the same type of attention.

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For the most part, the male stars are stuck wearing the “penguin suit” tuxedo combination of a basic black suit, white shirt and black bow tie – but every now and again, someone breaks the mold and gains the attention they so aptly deserve. 

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This year, we have taken it upon ourselves to pick out some of the guys who’ve been making big waves with their sartorial choices while out in France for the film fest.

Everyone from the always-stylish Kanye West, to the cool and often casual Adrien Brody, were out and about. We want to give these fellas some room to shine!

Check out our picks for the most noteworthy well-dressed men in the gallery above.