The Daily Grind Video

The music business as with a lot of things in life can be very unpredictable at times. An artist can be on top of the world one day and old news the next day. The reality is that some artists have longevity and some get a second chance. For me, that second chance starts now! Although absent from the mainstream for a while, I am back with vengeance. I am mentally strapped and want this thing call “success” more than ever! For first time in a long time I honestly feel the stars are inline in my favor.

Just in time for spring, my new single is complete. It’s entitled “Money Train” featuring reggae superstar Serani, who actually produced my first single called “Mavado” aka ‘Informer’ which had the charts blazing from Brookyln to Jamaica during the summer of 2008.  Two years later, I met up with Serani and Dj Troopa as I was in route to the
studio with a mutual friend and we clicked again. So naturally following the success of “No Games”, it was only right we created magic once again. Serani said it was time we top what we did before I and agreed, so I did my research and started to pull up some classic Jamaica rhythms that were timeless.  Then quickly called my little brother Dking to chop up a sample and put it in his hand to deliver. He didn’t disappoint and soon as I heard the track I knew we had a banger.



I went straight in the booth and off the top I just mumbled and played with the beat until the first words came out ‘guess I’ll fly where them white folk walk’, a classic opening line I thought as I laugh to myself. Then I put that call into Serani and said I got it. He came to the studio late that night around 2:30am and we made a classic record that was named ‘Money Train’ that was so Brooklyn yet so contagious. In effort to build hype, the first thing I did was take the record to local barbershops. The first shop was my man shop called ‘Play Ground’ on Tompkins and Gates. I put the cd in and the response was stupid, One kid started screaming out if u don’t like this u are just a hater! At that point I knew we were on to something. So I immediately called some friends that leak records and met up wit some key players to make it pop! BROOKLYN you have been asking for it, so PLEASE TUNE IN ON FRIDAY (4/2/10) AS MR. CEE PREMIERS ‘MONEY TRAIN”FEATURING SERANI ON HOT 97 FM!