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Eric Clapton may not be the first musician you think of when it comes to buying cars that go into the “million-dollar-price-tag” range. That’s usually reserved for rappers like Baby and Rick Ross.

But the “Change The World” singer may have outdone them all with a Ferrari made exclusively for him – and it comes with a price tag of nearly $5 million.

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Dubbed the SP12 EC, this Ferrari shares a similar shape to the 458 Italia Ferrari model, but has additional body panels inspired by the 512 BB of the late 1970s and early 1980s, of which Clapton has owned three. There is also a rumored 4.5-liter engine under the hood and all of this comes at a cost of around £3,000,000 GBP, which works out to about $4,700,000. 

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The car was made exclusively for Eric – who is a huge fan of Ferraris – so unless he becomes good friends with Baby, chances are he will be the only one with it. The epic musical catalog that Eric Clapton boasts really seems to have its benefits! 

You can take a look at a few of the pictures of the Ferrari SP12 EC in the gallery above.