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Kreayshawn got her Vans on and they’re the sneakers she wants to “f*ck” Lil B in!

NEW VIDEO: Kreayshawn & 2 Chainz “Breakfast (SYRUP)”

Kreayshawn stopped by to hang out with MTV and T.Mills at Bamboozle and she revealed some interesting information about her sexual wishes. 

When asked “who would you f*ck with your Vans on?” Kreayshawn quickly replied: 

“I would f*ck Lil B with my Vans on! I’m going to regret saying that later.”

Welp! Too late Kreayshawn! What’s done is done, and it’s all caught on candid camera!

NEW VIDEO: 2 Chainz & Kreayshawn “Murder”

After the cameras continued to roll for the next 30 seconds, it really seemed to bother Kreay that she admitted her desires for the BASED GOD, but she’ll get over it!

BASED GOD if you’re watching this video, please make sure you let Kreayshawn f*ck you with her Vans on! Please!

Take a look at Kreayshawn talking about sex with Lil B in the video above!