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MIRRACO is one of the most well respected names in the BMX world. Their bikes have been used by professional riders and street kids alike for years; so when Dee & Ricky wanted to make their own bike, it was a natural progression for the twins to work with the brand.

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Coming out this summer, the Dee & Ricky x MIRRACO BMX has some interesting features. The bike starts out with a white frame, followed up by a red front wheel and a blue one at the rear, a cheetah print seat and a neon green chain.

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The bike also comes with a decal sheet with multicolored letters for you to personalize the bike however you want, but it may just be you and 99 others who are able to do so. The bike is limited to only 100 pieces worldwide!

You can have a few closer looks at the Dee & Ricky special edition MIRRACO BMX bike in the gallery above.


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