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A couple of months ago, Brooklyn-born rapper Theophilus London debuted a dope slow ballad called “Lisa” during a performance in San Francisco. 

MUSIC: Big Boi & Theophilus London Feat. Tre Luce “She Said Ok” 

A final version of “Lisa” still hasn’t hit the Internet. However, Theophilus decided to give us some cool behind the scenes footage of him recording the song and making minor adjustments. 

In the video, which is presented by Converse, we see Theophilus head to a studio to meet up with the song’s producer, Fred Falke.

MUSIC: Theophilus London & A$AP Rocky “Big Spender” 

While together, you see Theophilus sing his heart out while also adding little subtle changes to the track. 

In the clip, London also explained what the song is about: Theophilus is playing a character who’s basically begging his ex-girlfriend to come back to him. 

We still haven’t heard the full track, but from the video, we could tell the song is going to be crazy. It contains Theophilus’ style with some Prince, Kid Cudi and Andre 3000 sprinkled in.

“Lisa” will be on London’s upcoming mixtape Lovers Holiday II: Rose Island, which according to Theophilus, is “definitely going to f*ck up the streets.”