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It’s not everyday when people openly talk about riding up the Hershey Highway, but hey it happens – sometimes.

NEW MUSIC: Brian McKnight “YouPorn Anal” Song

The newly crowned king of nasty, R&B singer Brian McKnight, released a new “adult” track today, and to our surprise it wasn’t about va-jay-jays, it was all about “dookie love.”

Yeah, we know it’s kind of gross, but as most of us know, sex can get a little nasty.

GlobalGrind started thinking about all the songs that featured lyrics about backdoor loving, and to our surprise, we’ve found more than enough artists who love doing the chocolate cha-cha.

NEW VIDEO: Brian McKnight “If You’re Ready To Learn”

Take a look below and find out which artists hit it out the park and took their loving to fifth base below!

Eminem & Royce Da 5’9 “Fast Lane”

Bootylicious Line: “I hope I don’t sound too heinous when I say this, but Nicki Minaj, but I want to stick my penis in your anus.”

DuJour “Back Door Lover”

Bootylicious Line: “Lying on your back staring up at the moon.”

Notorious B.I.G. “10 Crack Commandments”

Bootylicious Line: “Money and blood don’t mix like 2 dicks and no bitch/ Find yourself in serious shit”

Gordon Lightfoot “Sundown”

Bootylicious Line: “If I find you creepin’ around my backstairs/sometimes I think it’s a sin.”

The Doors “Back Door Man”

Bootylicious Line: “Oh, yeah, I’m a — yeah, I’m a back door man.”

The Rolling Stones “Sparks Will Fly”

Bootylicious Line: “You’d better grease up. I’m coming back”

Akinyele “Fuck Me for Free”

Bootylicious Line: “Girl I get up in that ass like K.Y. Gel.”

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