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Moments ago, boxing champion Floyd Mayweather Jr., 35, officially turned himself in into the Clark County Detention Center in downtown Las Vegas, where he will spend the next 87 days behind bars. 

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The boxer was sentenced back on December 22nd, after he plead guilty to domestic abuse. Josie Harris, Mayweather’s ex-girlfriend and mother of three of his kids, said that in 2012, the boxer threatened and hit her inside of his mansion while two of their kids — ages 8 and 10 — were watching. One of the boys ended up running and getting a security guard.

Since pleading guilty, Mayweather has come out and said he was innocent and the only reason why he pleaded guilty was to get the ordeal over with. If Mayweather would have taken the case to trial and lost, the boxer could have received 34 years in state prison.

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Mayweather was initially supposed to start his bid back on January 6th, but the judge overseeing the case, Melissa Saragosa, delayed the term to June 1, so Mayweather could have his super fight with Puerto Rican boxing star Miguel Cotto on May 5th at the MGM Grand. Mayweather ended up winning a unanimous decision against Cotto, and the fight ended up being a smash, selling 1.5 million PPVs and generating more than $94 million dollars in revenue. 

For the first week in his stay, Mayweather will be segregated from the other 3,200 inmates. Training will be minimal, as he’ll only get one hour of exercise time a day outside his cell.

On his last moments of freedom, the boxing superstar seemed to be taking it easy. He Tweeted out a picture of himself and one of his kids: 


He also Tweeted out a picture of himself getting a pedicure:

Mayweather, who has already be credited with three days, can do less than the 87 days he was sentenced to if he has good behavior.