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What do you get when you mix glitter, blood and a nakedErykah Badu together?

A rather intense music video for Flaming Lips’ “The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face!”

DETAILS: Erykah Badu Will Release Two Albums In 2012

Erykah teamed up with the indie rock band and brought her sister Nayrok along for the ride, who is also featured in the vid showing off all her T&A.

Some have mistaken the nude, glittered, and blood covered girl to be Erykah but she claims on Twitter it is actually her sister.

Last time we saw the singer bare all was in her video for “Window Seat” where she walked around the streets of Houston in her birthday suit.

VIDEO: Erykah Badu feat. Rick Ross – Window Seat Part II

This time Ms.Badu’s doppelganger flaunts her nude body as she sits in a tub. Badu tweeted to the director how much she loved it saying:

Some would say Erykah, and her family, just love to be buck naked and we ain’t mad!


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