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Beyonce is one of the biggest stars in the world, without a doubt, but her web presence wasn’t always an accurate reflection of that. 

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Between being wrapped up on world tours, recording albums and making babies, Bey isn’t afforded too much time to twiddle her thumbs on social networking sites. That is where Matthew Daniel Siskin comes in. 

His name may not be a familiar one, but he’s the man behind all the magic that is (also widely known as Beyonce’s Tumblr page.) 

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He’s created a web presence for some of the biggest names in the fashion industry, and without rattling off his client list, it’s clear to see why Beyonce went to the best to help her share her life via photos on the web.

New York Magazine’s blog, The Cut, caught up with the web designer to chop it up about working with Beyonce.

Check out a snippet from the interview below:

So tell me about how you got on Beyoncé’s radar.

We were on a short list of agencies, and got called in. In the past year or so, she has really taken over every facet of her business. She’s making all these creative decisions. So we were on a list and we came in for a meeting and showed designs. It went really quickly from there. She knew immediately that we could work together and she could really get involved. 

Is it an ongoing relationship?

Yes. We’re going to continuously add new things, and it’s an ever-changing project.

Was it crazy to work with someone who has that kind of star power?

Oh my god, yes. It was a very new experience. You know, working with The Row, we worked side by side with Mary Kate and Ashley, and there were paparazzi outside our meetings and things like that, but with Bey it’s on a whole different level. You forget she’s this international superstar when you’re in a meeting. She’s essentially an awesome, creative person that you’re collaborating with, and you forget just how insanely huge she is. The scale of the new site is wild — it was viewed like 16 million times in the first week, and just kept going and going. It’s really intense and awesome to have lots of eyes on it.

16 million views in the first week? That speaks immense volumes about Beyonce’s star power. Check out some of the most recent performance photos from Beyonce’s page in the gallery above. 

Beyonce stans, send this man a thank you note!

Be sure to head over to The Cut for the full interview.