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The Air Yeezy II is on its way. This Saturday, June 9th marks the release of one of the most coveted shoes of the year. Preparing for this release may be one of the most important things you do this month if you consider yourself a “sneakerhead.” 

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Now, we aren’t talking about you “sneakerheads” who have only been liking sneakers since Nike began releasing Foamposites in every color of the rainbow and think that standing in line from 8am until the time the store opens is actually a “line up.” 

We are talking about the ride or die, sneaker collecting, cop it to rock it, three (or longer) day camp-out kids who buy for the love of the shoe and not for the possible profit.

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For you veterans, and civilized “line-men,” or those who are willing to experience getting the Air Yeezy II without being in danger of getting trampled, we have got the full run down on everything you’ll need to get through a line up in the best way possible. 

Be warned, we can’t guarantee that you won’t still have a few knuckleheads acting up on the actual release date, but if you want to line up the right way, take a look at our step by step guide to camping for your favorite sneakers!


1. Check all the blogs and online sneaker forums that you can.

Sneaker forums are your heads up for all things having to do with a line up. You will get information on what stores will be getting the coveted shoe and what time the store will be opening. Sometimes you may even get an estimate as to how many pairs a store will receive. Naturally a store like House of Hoops will get more pairs than your local Foot Locker based on size alone, but the forums may put you up on the stores that you never thought would get a pair.

2. Form Your Crew

Chances are you are not the only sneakerhead in your group of friends. Make sure you guys have agreed on a time and go out there together. There is strength in numbers, and better yet, there is always someone to talk to during your adventure. 

If you happen to go to the line by yourself, you have one thing in common with everyone there, so you will be able to make friends quickly. If all you have to talk about are sneakers then start there. Eventually you’ll develop a friend who will hold your spot in line down whenever you have to leave for a few minutes (or hours).

3. Pack Well

It doesn’t matter how warm it is, you will need to pack something warm for the night. Once your body temperature drops, staying outside will be miserable. Bring extra socks and underwear for freshness, and if you plan on being out there for days at a time, pack a toothbrush and mouthwash. Nobody wants to talk to the kid with the horrible breath on the sneaker line.


4. Bring Some Entertainment

Honestly, you probably won’t even listen to your iPod or whatever else you bring. There is so much going on at all times. But at 3AM when everyone else is sleeping and your adrenaline is somehow keeping you up a few songs on your iPod help you relax.

5. Budget for food

You will be eating breakfast, lunch and dinner away from your house and food can get expensive. Chances are, you will be eating fast food for the duration of your camp-out, so make sure you have extra money so that you aren’t the only malnutritioned person walking around with a pair of Air Yeezy IIs.

6. Only bring your debit card

Do not bring any cash. You are basically a sitting duck for dishonest people. God forbid you get robbed, if you only have a debit card, it can quickly be cancelled and you can retrieve money from your bank in a jam. Cash can’t be recovered.

This rule must be broken on the final day of the camp out. A few hours before the shoe is going to be released, go to an ATM and take out exactly what you need to purchase the shoe. The worst thing that can happen is getting your shoe and something goes wrong with their Debit/Credit card machine or the store decides that they will be only accepting cash. We’ve seen that happen and it is not pretty.


7. Plan an exit strategy.

Go straight home. Instagram your new kicks at home, or let people know on Twitter that you got your pair, but don’t linger in front of the store with a pair of one of the most coveted shoes this year. You are essentially a sitting duck at that point, so plan your route home and stick to it. Traveling with your friend or better yet, in a car, is your best bet.

8. Wear your sneakers

For the time you spent getting these sneakers, if you wanted to just sell them, chances are you would get more money if you just worked at your job for that same amount of time. Wear your sneakers and really show off all the work you put into getting your limited edition kicks!

Ultimately, we won’t know how well your line-up will go until the day of the actual release, however all you can do is try your best and hope that on June 9th, the line in front of Footlocker doesn’t look like the Jay-Z and Kanye West video for “No Church In The Wild.” 

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