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Nicki Minaj and Young Money almost ruined Summer Jam over some bullshit. 

DETAILS: Lil Wayne Pulls Young Money From Summer Jam! 

Allow me to backtrack. During the pre-show, where all the underground rappers perform, (Schoolboy Q, Pusha T, A$AP Rocky, etc.) Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg was trying to get the crowd hype by asking, ‘Who is ready for some real hip-hop?’ Then he said, and I quote: 

“I know there some chicks here waiting to sing “Starships” later, I’m not talking to y’all right now, fuck that bullshit. I’m here to talk about real hip-hop. The people here to see A$AP Rocky, people to see Schoolboy Q…”

This comment apparently made Lil Wayne so pissed that he pulled Young Money out of the show, potentially killing the sets of Big Sean, one of 2 Chainz’s guest appearances and the joy of the crowd who paid their hard earned money to see them.

After the show was over, many people left that venue not knowing what was going on, questioning what the hell happened to Nicki Minaj.

Luckily for the older heads, they got to witness Nas and Lauryn Hill do an impromptu set for the 70,000 strong, who screamed louder than I’ve ever heard at Met Life Stadium. But for the younger crowd, Barbiez and Young Money groupies, they never got to see their heroes.

Nicki and Young Money can say what they want about being disrespected, but in my opinion this is the latest form of disrespect they’ve shown to their fans. From Nicki deleting her Twitter page, to Wayne’s weak Pusha diss and now this…

MUSIC: Pusha T – Exodus 23:1

You can’t claim to love your fans, while continuing to hurt their feelings by dissing them, pulling out of performances and not stepping up to the plate to be as great as we believe you to be – better yet, to be as great as you all claim to be.

I just feel like Peter’s disrespectful comment is nothing compared to the disrespect to the crowd, and other artists on the bill.

Props to Nas and Lauryn for killing it last night and saving the show. Props to Frenchie for putting on for his city, and saving the show. Props to Rick Ross for bringing out the Wu Tang Clan to close the show, after opening his set with “Imma Boss,” the livest song in the f*cking world. Props to Waka, Ne-Yo, Jeezy, TI and everyone else for showing up and not being scared to bless the stage in Jersey.

But lastly, props to Funkmaster Flex for stepping up to the plate and standing up for his team! We will wait to see what happens today, so keep it locked to GlobalGrind, because we will be following.

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