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Got dirty balls? Don’t despair; Sophie Monk is here to help you get them nice and clean!

The pop singer, actress and model took some time out of her busy schedule to shoot a quick commercial for LYNX Body Buffer and Shower Gel.

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The Australian brand used Sophie as the focal point for their fallacy funny commercial, where she serves as a ball washer. Get your mind out the gutter, we’re not talking about those types of balls, it’s sports balls!

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GlobalGrind caught up with the gorgeous Sophie shortly after the funny commercial hit the ‘net and this is what she had to say about working on the ad:

“This was first time I got paid to keep my clothes on…but I have to play with balls!!! All good…I’m getting closer to that Oscar!”

Funny and hot? Sophie is indeed a triple threat. 

Check out the subtly sexy video for LYNX Body Buffer starring Sophie Monk above. 

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