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Cedric The Entertainer was infamously known for taking the stage in a bevy of side splitting comedic acts and starring in an excellent array of adult comedies. But children’s movies came-a-calling and now the family man is taking on a new role as the voice of Maurice in Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted. 

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GlobalGrind’s BlogXilla caught up with Cedric The Entertainer to talk about his latest gig as the voice of Maurice, but managed to squeeze a little more information out of Cedric about his role off screen as a dad, a friend and a husband.

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In addition to being a comedic genius, Cedric reveals that he is also the dad that tolerates a constant rotation of One Direction from his daughter.

Madagascar, One Direction and daddy duties aside, Cedric also spoke about his late friend Bernie Mac, and how it feels to be taking over his role in the television adaptation of Bernie Mac’s Soul Man.

Check out Cedric The Entertainer’s one-on-one with GlobalGrind in the video above.

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