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Evelyn Lozada pens a touching letter to her 7-year-old self, coming to the realization that she hasn’t set the best example for young girls around the world.

The Basketball Wives’ reality star, who submitted the heartfelt letter to The Huffington Post, starts off the letter, saying:

“In exactly twenty-nine years you’re going to find yourself at the middle of a mess that you unwillingly helped to create… You’re going to be the topic of a discussion about women on a national level that won’t be one of your proudest moments. And as large as your life may be at that time, the truth is that you’re going to feel painfully small.”

The now 36-year-old Bronx native, who was raised in a single-family home by her mother, reminisced on her lifestyle and influences as a young child, writing:

“You’ll remember the days when you drowned out the fighting and drama in your own house and the negativity of the women you loved who ultimately shape who you will become. You’ll recall the moments when you sat in front of the television each day after school in search of someone positive and found Oprah and wondered if people like her would ever be a part of your life, or if you’d always have the jaded ones you watched on Jerry Springer.”

But she later finds it’s Star Jones who becomes the light at the end of the tunnel in the midst of it all, continuing:

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“You’ll make no excuses for your actions, as a matter of fact, you’ll find yourself in tears at the Ah-ha moment Star Jones forces you to have. Beyond what you’ll initially perceive as a malicious attack by Star, lives a hard truth that will shake you to your core.”

Chad Ochocinco‘s fianceetakes a step back and realizes:

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“It’ll take the moment when you see and hear your future step-daughters pretending to be “you” after watching you behave badly on T.V., that you’ll actually feel real shame.

As long as she realizes it’s never too late to make a difference in one’s life, she will be an inspiring force to be reckoned with.”

Hopefully she uses both her past and this letter to inspire young women to do better!

We’re all rooting for you Ev. 

Read the rest of the letter on NecoleBitchie.

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