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Awww nah! Hell nah! London up and done it! 

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The UK witnessed a first hand account of how Harlem really “gets down,” when A$AP Rocky got his $15,000 Rolex snatched off his wrist by a brave fan. 

The “Goldie” rapper was in the crowd interacting with his fans during a performance when he noticed that his Rolex watch was missing. In true A$AP Rocky fashion, Rocky stopped the show to find out who stole his watch. 

Eventually the Rolie thief was spotted and all hell broke loose!

A$AP Rocky jumped into the crowd to retrieve his watch, and the rest of his crew came to give the British thief a good old-fashioned American beatdown. 

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Some of Rocky’s fans also joined in on teaching the Rolie thief a lesson about concert protocol 101 – don’t steal from the artist you’re coming to see. 

A$AP Rocky yelled into the crowd as chaos ensued:

“We not gon’ end our show just ’cause somebody took a $15,000 watch. F*ck it man!”

The $15K watch was eventually returned, prompting Rocky to tell his ride or die fans to, “F*ck that n*gga up, f*ck him. Beat his ass!”

Despite all the drama, A$AP Rocky didn’t let the incident ruin his night. He hopped back on stage and performed the rest of his LiveLoveA$AP hits. 

You would think fans would learn by now – don’t mess with the A$AP Mob!