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Nas gave Gwyneth Paltrow a n**** pass and he will slap the sh*t out of you if you try to question it. 

STORY: Q-Tip Slams Russell Simmons For N*gga Blog

The Daughters rapper sat down with CBS and opened up about the whole Gwyneth Paltrow nig slip, saying:

EXCLUSIVE: Russell Simmons Weighs In On The N-Word

“I would slap the s*** out of somebody for Gwyneth Paltrow,” Nas told CBS Local exclusively. “She’s the homie, she’s cool. Gwyneth gets a pass. Real people get a pass. We know what this s*** is. We don’t interrupt Italians when they say ‘Wop’ to each other. They gonna punch you in the mouth if you interrupt that. Don’t interrupt us. We pick and choose.”

Nas acknowledged that other black people might feel differently, but still stood by his statement. “Some might not feel the same way,” he said. “Some of us will get angrier about it than others; but some people get a pass. The people that I know who are cool and real n****s, Gwyneth Paltrow is a real n****, that’s my homie. That’s how I’m on it. Some people get a pass.”

There you have it real recognize real. Gwyneth has a pass. 

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