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It was a sudden transition for viewers to go from Stacy Dash to Denise Vasi as the lead of VH1’s show, Single Ladies, but Denise has been making the switch a smooth one.

VIDEO: Denise Vasi Experiments With Lots Of Men In Season Two Of “Single Ladies”

Denise plays Raquel, a do-good-girl who comes from the high society of Atlanta and purchases a shop – much to her opulent parents’ disdain. 

And that is just the half of it! The lovely Denise Vasi took some time to sit down with VH1 to hash out exactly how her character fits into the script and what viewers can expect from Raquel.

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However, speaking about Raquel was hardly enough. Denise also talked a little about how Denise in real life differs from the role that she plays on television.

Check out what she had to say in the video above.

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