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Being a performer isn’t easy! 

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Over the weekend, Lady Gaga was hit in the head with a metal pole used as a stage prop for her “Judas” performance during her Born This Way Ball tour. 

While in the middle of her set, Gaga’s dancers accidently struck her in the head, leaving the “Born This Way” singer with a concussion. 

Despite her injuries, Lady Gaga managed to pull through and perform 16 more songs before heading to the hospital. 

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Gaga is one of many artists who have gotten concussions, broken legs, sprained ankles, torn knees, and so forth, while pouring their hearts out on stage.

Check out all the celebs who’ve been injured on stage!

Kenny Chesney’s foot gets stuck in stage lift: In 2008, Kenny Chesney emerged from underneath the stage in Columbia, South Carolina. As Kenny rose above the stage on a lift, he got his foot stuck in between the lift and the stage, causing him to buckle at the knees. After a few minutes, Kenny managed to release his foot and he finished the show. By the time Kenny went to the hospital afterwards, he had to have his boot cut off because his foot was so swollen. He ended up crushing multiple bones in his foot.