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Some of fashion’s freshest faces came out for the 2012 Stella McCartney Spring Fashion Presentation held in New York City!

STORY: Solange Glamour France Interview

Among the celebrities to attend were gorgeous and sartorially-gifted Solange and her adorable son Julez. The beautiful mother and son duo enjoyed a few games and laughs together at the event held in Manhattan’s East Village.

Solange wore a beautiful printed Stella McCartney number, while Julez looked handsome in an aqua button down shirt to match his eyes and bright yellow jeans.

STORY: Solange & Julez Ride Their Bikes Together! 

Greta Gerwig, Andre Leon Talley and Ryan Gosling were some of the other celebrities to step out for the event. Stella has always been a treat for fashion fanatics and Solange is no exception. Check out the pics from the presentation in our gallery!