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Get ready to laugh uncontrollably! 

VIDEO: ADRIAN!!!! A$AP Rocky Gives London A Beat Down!

A$AP Rocky and Detroit rapper Danny Brown interview each other in a hilarious installment of Noisey’s “Back And Forth” series. 

The two homies sit poolside in Barcelona, Spain and talk very candidly about drugs, having sex with girls from Twitter, and the biggest misconceptions about themselves. 

The video kicks off with Danny and Rocky introducing themselves, and the comedy ensues right away when A$AP Rocky introduces himself as Taylor Swift

Danny talks about liking “toothless bitches” and getting oral from a toothless crackhead when he was a teenager.

MUSIC: Danny Brown “Grown Up”

The comedy continues when Rocky and Danny talk about all the “old bitches” they wouldn’t mind having sex with. 

References to the “bad bitch who’s always beating up her maids and sh*t” aka (Naomi Campbell) and wanting to have sex with Cher and Madonna, Danny and Rocky’s interview has to be the most hilarious interview we’ve seen in a long time. 

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