If you’ve been following the Lindsay Lohan train you know she was found in her hotel room passed out and unresponsive yesterday.

DETAILS: Lindsay Lohan Found Unconscious!

Well, thankfully the actress is alive and well and speaking out about what exactly happened in her Ritz-Carlton hotel room. And as expected, she’s right back to her grind!

She took to her Twitter to address the matter, tweeting:

DETAILS: What Bribe?! Lindsay Lohan Claims Truck Driver From Accident Is Lying!

The 24 year old is currently filming a Lifetime movie, Liz & Dick, in which she plays the late-great Elizabeth Taylor.

Lohan’s rep insist that her client’s passout was strictly due to “exhaustion and dehydration” and working 24/7 on her new project.

There we have it! Apparently, one passout don’t stop the show!

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