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A month ago, an 80-year-old woman, who had been naked at the time, was tased down by the police in South Carolina.

Now, neighbors of the woman are coming forward to say that she was usually “a sweet lady”.

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Chief Anthony Britt of the St. George Police Department spoke with The Post and Courier:

“We did all we could do. We had to take her down before someone got hurt. The Taser was a safe resolution.”

The son of one of the neighbors described her as one of “sweetest lady in the world.”

He said:

“I don’t know why they had to [tase] her. They call this ‘the town of friendly people.’”

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According to WCSC-TV, police came to the woman’s house after neighbors complained of noise.

The Daily News reports:

“Brown was allegedly yelling about a landlord who wouldn’t return her security deposit and speaking “confusingly,” according to a police report.

Britt told The Post and Courier that she called the responding officers “devil-worshipers” and was “rattling off quotes from the Bible, saying she was Job.”

Police said they tased Brown after she began swinging her cane at the officers when they tried to take it away from her.”

Tragic but thankfully the woman is still very much alive. We’re glad that the situation didn’t get as ugly as it could have.

SOURCE: Daily News

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