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Last night there was a block party in Central Park!

Well, not quite … but that’s what the good folks over at The Hort called it. Otherwise known as The Horticulture Society of New York, The Hort hosted a charity meet-and-greet with some of our favorite artists in support of its Green House program, which provides horticultural therapy and vocational training for inmates on Riker’s Island.

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Some of the artists in attendance were Barry McGee, Steve “Espo” Powers, Eric Haze, James “Reas” Todd and even KAWS. Radio personality and art lover Miss Info also made an appearance, as did Origami clothing designer Kevin Leong and Shady Records bigwig, Marc LaBelle.

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Most of the artists were painters, however photographer Lawrence Schiller donated a recently published photograph of Marilyn Monroe featured in Vanity Fair. 

We were on hand to check out all of the festivities and make an attempt at getting some cool artwork. We weren’t successful at the latter, but we got some cool pictures from the event that you can check out above!