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The Summer Jam saga continues!

Just recently Lil Wayne was featured on MTV explaining his reason for pulling Nicki Minaj out of Hot 97’s Summer Jam line-up at the last minute.

Weezy felt that not only were Peter Rosenberg’s “Starship” comments disrespectful to Nicki as an artist, they were also disrespectful to her as a woman.

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Rosenberg wasted no time in offering up his rebuttal to the YMCMB general and voiced his opinion yet again on Hot 97’s airwaves. 

The certified hip-hop head agreed with Wayne’s driving point, that women deserve to be respected. However, Rosenberg remained steadfast in his opinions defending his hard critique of Nicki’s pop track “Starships” as just that: a hard critique of a pop track. 

Rosenberg said:

“Is that showing a lack of respect for women. Or is he saying that even a professional woman cannot handle criticism because women are too delicate? Who knows that Wayne means. Maybe I should just go ahead and follow his lead when it comes to respect for women.”

The radio personality then proceeded to play audio excerpts of Weezy’s most contradictory lyrics, including “Pour it on a model / shut up b*tch swallow / if ya can’t swallow / shut up b*tch goggle” (Straight Shots)

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“Weezy F, and the F doesn’t stand for feminism,” said Rosenberg. “And I was a woman studies major!”

Clearly Rosenberg, just like Flex, isn’t afraid to go toe-to-toe with the general!

No response yet from Lil Wayne or the YMCMB camp, but expect more comments on the saga to continue.

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