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This past week, most of us tuned into Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta, and already there’s a petition against the show’s content.

While the show doesn’t have too many easily recognizable cast members, besides maybe rapper Lil’ Scrappy, it’s still filled with plenty of scuffles, arguments and scandals.

That right there would be enough to piss some people off!

Even though these kinds of shows are part of our guilty pleasures and make me tune in every week to see what happens, a show like this doesn’t really satisfy my television taste buds.

I find myself needing sh*t to get realer, but a little less hormonal. I need a cast that I already know about and am interested in seeing more of. I need someone who is going to keep it sweet but street.

Someone like Meek Mill.

We all know Meek can bring us something worth listening to once he steps in the studio, but I’d like to see the stuff he gets into on camera.

I personally am a big Meek fan, but not everyone may be. Although I think we can all agree that he seems anything but boring, from where he goes, to who he’s with, and what he sees on a day-to-day basis. The perfect recipe for a reality show!

Meek even said all that needs to be said earlier this week in a tweet, right when Love & Hip-Hop premiered:

Just imagine all the stuff Meek saw while he was on the Club Paradise tour with Drake and the rest of his all-star line-up!

And even this tweet makes me pretty pissed he doesn’t have TV cameras following him around yet:

I don’t know about you, but I’m already hooked, and I haven’t seen sh*t yet!

Even though the women behind the men of music and sports turns out to be an interesting subject for a show, I’m pretty sure I’d rather watch a show of these artists off the stage and these athletes off the court.

So, I’d like to start my own petition.

Yes, I want to cut out the behind-the-scenes girls that we see getting into it every week, but only to add a real deal line-up.

Let’s bring in Meek Mill and see some real sh*t go down!

Lindsey India

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